Always against, Always question, Never accept……………For desperate urges to communicate: immerantialles[At}gmail.con

Welcome to Immer Anti

Welcome to Immer Anti.

No Idea what this is going to be about or become or even if I’m interested enough to do this.


A basic platform for varying projects of music, noise, art, politi-bollocks, rants, general nonsense and whatever else I’m currently incapable of forming into words or meaningful dialect right now.

Since no one will listen to me on the street, an irritated ranting mumble into the vacuous void that is this empty pointless space of communication seems apt.

A quick note on copyright & also intellectual property: All formats of these will be dilligently ignored!! and actively disregarded unless…


One response

  1. ness pionage

    i see the cellar invading your soul…


    August 7, 2014 at 3:54 pm

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